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kaibasgirl asked: so all my het xnalara pics that I spend hours on, you completely ignore, but the moment I put up a crappy amateurish yuri pic, you give it a like? XD

Serah and Yeul seem to me to have a very interesting dynamic in potential. They’re both very sweet and innocent in bearing and demeanor, but have very strange, almost unfathomable burdens to bear. They’re both used to being in danger providing the motivation for the heroic (or would-be heroic) actions of their guardians and love interests. Do they find their own voice in serving fate, or subverting it? I think they would understand one another, and be great friends, and have very deep empathy for one another. It might be a relationship with a great potential to know the other’s self and understand the other, where that would be the draw of the pairing, the wonder and spiritual intimacy between them.


The following is a submission from @ogosgos about this post:

"Noah co-stars Jennifer Connelly, whose mother is Jewish, and Logan Lerman, who is 100% Jewish and the grandson of Holocaust refugees. When will you and the rest of the fucking bitches on tumblr stop lying about Lerman’s background and whitewashing it to your hearts’ content? Was 5 years of that shit insufficient? Fuck you bitch."

My response:

Uh, sorry? I didn’t reblog that post because I agreed particularly with the main comment (getting really mad about the actors not being Jewish). The casting choices of that particular movie don’t really matter to me excessively. In fact, I reblogged the post to point out the fact that from a Biblical perspective, none of the characters were actually Jewish at all, and that the complaints were a bit ironic or funny or something in light of that, though I also don’t think that Jewish/Turkish/Middle-eastern actors would be bad choices regardless. I certainly did not agree or disagree enough with the sentiment that more of the actors should be Jewish to look up the actors and their backgrounds. I agree with you that the fact that people who yell and make a big deal about whitewashing and so forth not taking the time to check this sort of thing up is pretty bad and doesn’t reflect well on them or the sincerity of their outrage at all. I sympathize with your frustration and your response. I just want to clarify that my comment was amused and bemused, about the context of a lack of Jewish actors in a story in which, in Jewish belief, not a single character was in fact a Jew.




i went to a party and put 3 whole loaves of sliced bread all around the house i put bread under the kid’s pillow and in all 3 of his bathrooms, in his rugby shorts and the breast pocket of his school shirt, on his roof and his neighbor’s roof, in his couch and on his tv i’m laughing so hard he’s going to wake up hungover tomorrow and be like why the fuck is there bread everywhere 


i’m pissing myself

jesus christ

The literal pre-Pesach NIGHTMARE.

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They’re making a movie about the story of Noah and they are using the most whitebread, non semitic looking actors on the face of the earth.

"Jews run Hollywood" yet they can’t cast one goddamned Jew in a story from the Old Testament. Oh ok. Lol. Fools.

I saw an ad for this film and was so confused I thought I was looking at a promo for vikings

Logan Lerman is Jewish, but yeah…ONE PERSON. In a HUGE cast. It doesn’t cut it, folks.

THANK YOU. I would have cast Mandy Patinkin and Natalie Portman

To be fair, in the Jewish Bible version and traditional interpretations of the story, not a single character is Jewish, Israelite, or even Hebrew. Quite possibly only one of the characters of the story is probably a Semite - and at that the ancestor of all Semites. They don’t call him Shem for nothing.

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im pretty sure bromance is the perfect example of how embarrassingly fragile masculinity is. you know what a female bromance is called? a friendship 

Nah, man, I use bromance for certain types of female friendship, too, and not for all types of female friendship, either. Kat and Annie in the webcomic Gunnerkrigg Court - that’s a bromance (and Kat is dating a different girl, too!). I’d even say that a guy and a girl can bromance without romance, or even two gay people of the same sex. Hell, usually-neuter Therem (Estraven) and Genry Ai in The Left Hand of Darkness have one of the best bromances of all time (while exploring Genry’s own personal fragile masculinity).

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I forgot to post this proof that I had the best Purim Katan costume at Hillel. I was a dwarf (so it had the double value of being a bad pun). A proper lady dwarf with a beard (made out of my long-shorn hair). Though someone did try to make that joke about dwarves being born from the rock. Just consider it a metaphor.

I forgot to post this proof that I had the best Purim Katan costume at Hillel. I was a dwarf (so it had the double value of being a bad pun). A proper lady dwarf with a beard (made out of my long-shorn hair). Though someone did try to make that joke about dwarves being born from the rock. Just consider it a metaphor.


Added a newer, poster friendly version of the Metal Ion Flame Test Colours graphic to the store today! You can view the original post here, which includes an explanation of the origin of the colours.

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Ḥag (Shushan) Purim Sameaḥ!

Your cosplay is awesome! I wish I had done something fun, but I couldn’t think of anything.
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Ḥag (Shushan) Purim Sameaḥ!



Italia and Germania (1828) by Johann Friedrich Overbeck

This week on Mighty Moments In Slash History, we’re turning our attention to femmeslash. Or perhaps it should be called countryslash, because the women above are actually representations of Italy (the brunette on the right) and Germany (the blonde on the left). Yes, surprising as it may seem, romantic relationships between personifications of geographical entities were NOT invented by the Hetalia fandom. Who knew?

Most art critics believe that this painting is not about lady love, but about German art looking towards Italian art for inspiration. Personally, however, I think Germany is whispering “Forget about everyone else, darling, we go together like frankfurters and spaghetti!” while Italy is looking somewhat less keen about the culinary possibilities of their liaison.

Sadly, as we all know, their love was not to be, because there was always something that got in the way. Switzerland, mainly.

the original hetalia

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If you’ve browsed my mediocre tumblr that far, my friend, there’s no “might” about it.

kaibasgirl - This one is for you even though you’ve never read Homestuck, buuuuut it’s about the Final Fantasy XIII series so I know you’ll love it. Anyway, in the multimedia hypertext webcomic Homestuck, the characters come to play a game called Sburb (basically) - within which they have to grow into their Roles, which are a combination of Class and Aspect. Class is sort of like a class in a video game - some are gender-specific or biased towards a certain gender, plus it’s implied that there are pairs of related/inverse/opposite classes.  And aspect is sort of like an element or allegorical focus, with a similar inverse/opposite pairs deal. Homestuck canon mentions fourteen Classes (two “master classes”, Muse and Lord, plus Page, Heir, Seer, Sylph, Bard, Rogue, Mage, Maid, Thief, Knight, Prince, and Witch) and Twelve Aspects (Space, Time, Life, Doom, Light, Void, Breath, Blood, Heart, Mind, Hope, and Rage). Nowwwww that you got that infordump, here’s the FFXIII part:

It’s fun to think up what roles characters from other media are/would get. And I was thinking, Hope would be a Page of Light. Page is a class that starts off very weak, unable to really use his aspect productively, and Light is knowledge/information, fortune, uncovering hidden information, and narrative focus - which fits with Hope, who starts off the youngest and in some ways most unsure (Pages being childlike.naive/innocent/lacking maturity to start), incapable of using his talents productively, but with a drive to increase fortune around him, to access narrative import and information, being all researchy and stuff.

Lightning, meanwhile, is definitely a Maid of Hope. Maids are probably an active class (they empower themselves with their Aspect in some way, that is), who appear to be in service to their Aspect - which Lightning grows into as the Guardian of Souls and whatnot. Her aspect is certainly Hope - which is associated with hopefulness, belief in the impossible, angels/the divine, and potential. Lightning is in service to the hope of all the souls, is angelically associated, and bound to the potential of the new world.

I find it cute that in this setup Hope is a Page of Light - because he kinda is Light’s page, her herald, the one she mentors and guides, her follower and banner-carrier, perhaps? And Light is a Maid of Hope - possibly stuck cleaning up Hope’s messes, &c.

(There are a few other obvious roles - Yeul is a Seer of Doom, Serah a Sylph of Time, Snow a Knight of Heart …)


2013 - London-based artist michael-James Talbot  creates beautiful sculptures of elongated women inspired by Greek mythology and Venetian.

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